To make the people side of service fun, John uses the concept of the Customer Service Factory.  It’s a fun way for people to “Build a System of Service”.  Assemble the service training you need from the options below:

  • Leadership in Customer Service
  • The Importance of a Positively memorable Customer Experience
  • Creating Values & Establishing  a Culture of Service
  • Recognition & Rewards
  • Orient Employees for Service
  • Service Delivery is a Dance
  • Service Training in Only Ten Minutes a Day
  • Benchmarking Superior Service
  • Evaluation of Service
  • Establishing Service Standards
  • Handling “Tough Customers”
  • Fine Tune Your Existing Program
  • Hiring & Firing for Service
  • A Playful Examination of Service

The Customer Service Factory is a modular service-training program that allows you to choose from a menu of topics and select only the ones that are right for your group.

This training is focused on the participants leaving with a “product” they have built that creates or improves their customer service program.